1. Find appropriate and the absolute best comps
  2. Go to the Township with evidence
  3. Contest your Appeal in person at the hearing
  1. Focus on the accuracy and uniformity of your comps instead of your emotions.
  2. Write down key points before the hearing. Make sure your items are all in order such as photos, sales information, and comparable evidence so that you are comfortable with them!
  3. Try to keep it short. A concise well prepared assessment appeal will win the attention of the board
  4. Focus on the FACTS instead of the details such as talking about whether you have 3 full bathrooms rather than just 2.  It may not have a great effect for your overall value.
  5. Be calm and collected and smile
This can be intimidating for some people to speak in front of others since you may not have built a relationship with the Township. If you are hesitate and do not have the time to research and appeal your property taxes in person then contact Xpress Tax Appeals to help. We have helped save our clients on average over $1900 in a triennial cycle. We have built a relationship with the Township and has designed a state-of-the-art technology and up to the minute of live county data, to analyze 117 different property and tax criteria on your home. We then compare literally hundreds of similar properties in your tax district. To learn more click on the video below.