There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to trying to lower your Cook County property taxes.  Just because your property tax appeal got denied and resulted in a no-change to the taxable value doesn’t mean the story ends here…

There are 3 main agencies in which you can appeal the assessed value of your property.

1.  Township
2.  Board of Review
3.  Circuit Court

All of these agencies have their own strict non negotiable deadlines, forms and procedures one most follow.  

If you look at the above agencies, one might think they have 3 opportunities to appeal, which is not necessarily the case.  Both the township and the Board of Review also have a “re-review’ period in which one can escalate their complaint again to a different division in the given agency.  The spirit of this re-review period is to allow a homeowner to restate their case and to catch any omissions the analyst may have overlooked when reviewing the appeal file.   Since the policy of Cook County is to have a different analyst review his colleagues work, most times all a case file needs is another set of eyes on a properly organized file to be approved. 

This re-review period typically last for 3 days after the initial decision to restate your findings.  Although these deadlines do get published on the Cook County Assessors website (CCAO), if you are filing the appeal on your own you better be keeping a close eye on these dates.  The re-review dates are posted after the initial results are, and those are posted depending on the volume and work load of the County.

Over complicated in my humble opinion to say the least, but its at least food for thought when deciding whether to appeal on your own or to hire professional help.