PIN Explained

<div class="body"><p>The Property Index Number sometimes called the Property Identification Number, Parcel Number, or Permanent Index Number is a number used by the tax assessor for identification and record keeping. Cook County uses a 14 digit number that is used to identify the location of the property.</p><p>Example: 11-22-333-444-0000</p><p>The first section “11” refers to the Township the property is located</p><p>The second section “22” refers to the section in the township. A standard township has 36 sections.</p><p>The third section “333” refers to the block the parcel is located</p><p>The forth section “444” is the parcel number</p><p>The fifth section “0000” is the unit number for condominiums. A PIN with 0000 indicates a non-condo PIN.</p></div>