Late Fee's for 2nd Installment Waived until Oct 1 2020

<div class="body"><p>Click to download the press release <a href="" target="_blank">here</a></p><p>I want to thank our community leaders as today we learned the property tax relief touted due to the Covid-19 pandemic took shape as a 2-month reprieve on late fees.</p><p>You guys spoil us!</p><p>Under the relief ordinance, interest penalties for late payments of the second installment of property taxes, which are typically due August 3, will now be postponed until October 1; before the 1.5% per month penalty kicks back in.</p><p>In the press release, the Board President, Assessor, Clerk, and Commissioners were all quoted with some version of "during these unprecedented times," and it was "the right thing to do."</p><p>It is a nice gesture; simple, easy, did not cost anything--Kudos.</p><p>A friendly reminder on another "right thing to do" would be to consolidate the 2,200 cited jurisdictions requesting levy dollars who overlap in services – a commonly repeated suggestion by industry experts.</p><p>Adding more properties and value to the tax roll or cutting spending are the two core ways of reducing our communities' collective property tax burden.</p><p>Just saying, but good job on the quick win!</p><br><p>Jason Terrell</p><p>Certified Illinois Assessing Officer</p></div>