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sam amir
4 months ago

"BEWARE DO NOT USE That’s the second year that I use them to appeal my taxes. First year I was told that the appeal was unsuccessfully submitted to the Frankfort township and they apologized and they offered a discount for next year. So the next year, I decided to give them another chance thinking that mistake happens and I should give them another chance. But unfortunately the same thing occurred. Today I called Will County assessor office and I was told that the file was incomplete and it was not processed for this year. I even called them before the deadline and I was told that the appeal was filled and nothing needed to be done on my end. Jason and his staff are very unprofessional and they don’t even return your calls. Do your self the favor and choose someone else for your appeal. I will make sure my friends and neighbors are ware of them and not to use them."

Tim Asmar
4 months ago

"I will not recommend this office to anyone. I have applied for property tax appeal and I’ve received an email in august saying that my 2023 property tax appeal has been completed. It has been over 6 months and no one sent me an email or called me to give an update. I had to call to follow up and I was told someone will call me to do so. I called the county office to see if they have any information about the property tax appeal and they said we have not received any tax appeal for your property . My message to xpress tax appeal if you don’t or can’t work on someone’s property tax appeal please let them know so they can do something before it’s too late . A lesson learned."

anning lin
5 years ago

"I rarely write a comment on companies but this time I do feel I owe my gratitude to Xpress Tax Appeals. The people there are extremely professional. They not only helped me to successfully make the appeal that reduced my property tax, but also gave me some important advice about how I should correctly file the appeal. The manager Brandy Allison is superb - she is extremely nice, patient and trustworthy. I will certainly ask for their help next time."

Randy Jorgenson
4 years ago

"I made a call, 10 mins in length. The process was explained to me. Received an email after a couple of weeks, with no information, but just a follow up to let me know they were still working on it. A couple of more weeks, received a letter and they lowered my taxes. The process could not of been easier. I will give high marks on customer service. This is my first Google Review. So that should tell you how please I am with their service."

Bethany Kuforiji
4 years ago

"Our taxes kept increasing every year and I thought fighting would be a headache...working with Xpress Tax Appeals has proven me wrong! Jennifer made everything easy for us and is a pleasure to work with. They are saving us big on property tax for current year and we are even getting a refund for 2k for past couple years. Couldn’t be more satisfied and will recommend to my friends and neighbors."

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