Xpress Tax Appeals was specifically designed to simplify the confusing, complex, and time-consuming procedure of reducing a homeowner’s property taxes without the need for a costly attorney.

Our sophisticated website algorithm, developed by mathematicians and Cook County real estate professionals, takes into consideration over 117 different criteria factors based on the "lack of uniformity" appeal argument.

Xpress Tax Appeals determines accurate comparables, instantaneously recalculates what your taxes should be, and files all of the necessary documentation to appeal your property tax bill.

This is not a one-time savings either. Illinois follows a triennial reassessment system, meaning you’ll save tax money every year (up to three years) until the next reassessment.

“The most complex, confusing tax system on the face of this earth—The Illinois Property tax system. …Indeed the property tax system with its bewildering array of terms, deadlines, and officials is designed to be intimidating to the average tax payer.”

 -Governor Patrick Quinn, Excerpt from Governor Quinn’s book he wrote as the former commissioner of the Cook County Board of Appeals.


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